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Specialty Cakes

Strawberry Bavarian Cake - $30

Rich strawberry mousse with chunks of strawberries on a shortbread crust


Apple Tart Tatin - $30

An open faced apple pie topped with caramel sauce


Cherry Tart - $30

A delicious baked custard tart with cherries


Chocolate Mousse Cups - $37.50/24 cups

For the true chocoholic, homemade chocolate cups filled with rich chocolate mousse


Cappuccino Mousse Cups - $37.50/24 cups

Homemade chocolate cups filled with rich and creamy cappuccino mousse


Mocha Latte Mousse - $35/12 pots

Rich mocha mousse topped with cappuccino mousse


Butter Tarts - $22.50/12 tarts

Traditional butter tarts with plump raisins and walnuts


Shmoo Cake - $30

Angel food cake with lots of pecans, loads of whipped cream and tons of caramel sauce


Chocolate Mousse Cake - $30

Chocolate lover’s dream, creamy mousse and tender cake all covered in a shiny ganache


Chocolate Ganache Brownies - $30/pan (8.5x10)

Rich, deep chocolate brownies topped with a thick layer of ganache icing


Pumpkin Gingerbread Spice Cake - $27.50

Scrumptiously moist pumpkin cake topped with velvety caramel sauce


Lemon Pound Cake - $20

An exquisite blend of tart and sweet lemon cake with lemon glaze


Sucre a la Crème - $27.50/pan (12x14)

Delicious melt in your mouth maple fudge